Promotional Golf Apparel to Hand Out


If you want to order various promotional items to hand out at a golf tournament or other related events, items such as balls and tees may be at the top of your list. There's no question that such items can be popular, but promotional companies that specialize in golf will have many other products that you can customize and order. If you have a larger budget, ordering various pieces of apparel can make sense. The big benefit of promotional golf apparel is that people may wear these garments even when they're not playing golf, which can help to expose your company's name and logo to a wider audience. Here are some types of golf apparel to order.

Collared Shirts

Collared shirts are a standard piece of apparel that people wear while golfing, so this can be a good product for you to customize and distribute. Promotional product companies will have numerous collared shirt styles for men and women, so you can evaluate your options and find some styles that you know people will appreciate. It's common to have your branding information appear on the chest of this type of garment, and you'll often be able to choose collared shirts in your company's color.

Golf Vests

Many people wear golf vests as they play. This piece of outerwear provides warmth and protection against the wind during days with inclement weather. Like collared shirts, you'll find golf vests in several styles. They commonly have pockets on each side to hold accessories such as spare balls, tees, and a scorecard. You can customize your vests with your organization's name and logo on the chest, while you might also wish to have your website or company slogan stitched on the upper back of each vest.


During wet conditions, golfers will often want to wear rain jackets. If you provide customized jackets, you can expect that people will wear these garments each time that it rains for the foreseeable future. As with other promotional golf apparel, you'll have a variety of color choices when you order rain jackets. You can also choose among the many styles, including a light jacket to wear during warmer days and an insulated jacket to wear during the fall. Your logo can appear on the chest of the jackets, while you may wish to consider having additional branding information stitched elsewhere on the garment.

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28 February 2022

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