3 Tips For Targeting The Right Keywords


With more and more consumers doing their shopping online, ranking high in online search engines is critical to the success of most businesses. The key to showing up on the first page of any Internet search is the effective use of keywords.

Business owners who are new to the world of SEO may not know which keywords to focus their attention on when optimizing their websites. Keep these tips in mind to help ensure you are targeting the right keywords for your website.

1. Focus on Long-Tail Keywords

A keyword is essentially the information that a consumer types into an online search engine when looking for a web page. SEO professionals divide these keywords into two categories: short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords.

Short-tail keywords are highly targeted and are usually only one or two words each. In order for these types of keywords to be effective, your website must be fully optimized.

Long-tail keywords are more useful for business owners new to SEO. A long-tail keyword is a three or four-word phrase. Expanding the length of your keywords will allow you to reduce your competition and rank higher when consumers search for the phrases you have targeted.

2. Understand Each Page's Purpose

A clearly defined purpose for each page on your website can help you identify which keywords will improve your search ranking. Consumers go online for one of three reasons: to visit a specific website, to gather information about a particular topic, or to purchase a specific item. Put each page on your website into one of these categories, then focus on keywords that are uniquely suited to drive traffic to each individual page.

Pairing the right keyword with the right page can significantly improve your search ranking online and help consumers find your website with ease.

3. Create Relevant Content

It's not enough merely to build keywords into your titles and meta descriptions. You must also include your targeted keywords in the copy that appears on your website. Online search engines scan through website content to locate relevant keywords when generating search results.

You should only use keywords that you can create reliable and relevant content around. Using your keywords in blog posts, product descriptions, and informative brochures on your website will help improve your overall ranking and make your site more visible to consumers over time.

Keywords are one of the basic components in a good SEO program. Use targeted keywords to help you climb to the top of search rankings in the future.


20 August 2020

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