The Corner Booth: Making The Most Of Large Corner Display Areas


Grabbing a huge corner booth area at a trade show is like striking oil -- in theory. It's actually kind of easy to use the space inefficiently, so creating the right displays for the space is crucial. When you have a corner booth, you have access to more traffic and are more visible, but you also have the potential to let that traffic slip through your fingers and create too much "noise" in the large space if you're not careful.

Setting Boundaries

First, figure out how you're going to set the physical boundaries of the display space. The sides that sit next to adjacent booths are where you should have posters and other wall-mounted displays, but what will you have along the two open sides? Tall displays are not the best, as you want passersby to see into the display area, but you can have tables and the occasional tall stand. Keep in mind that people will need more than one access and exit point in the space, too, especially if your booth proves to be popular; however, you don't want to have so many openings in the boundaries that people simply walk through the space and never stop to look at your display.

Grabbing Attention

What colors do you plan to use for the main displays? Your company's colors are best, of course, but you want to be sure that the display boards are visually catchy enough to attract attention but clean enough to make it easy for people to see what each part of the display describes. An array of bright colors may make people look over at your booth, but if the resulting graphics are too jumbled and crowded with colors and text and images, people could easily turn away.

Accommodating Needs

You're likely going to have people show up who need audio instead of visual, visual instead of audio, and other accommodations. Remember to include audio descriptions of products as well as Braille, and make sure that entry and exit points into the display area are large enough to accommodate wheelchairs. Keep the floor space clear so that people using crutches or who have other mobility issues can easily navigate the space.

You may want to consult with trade show display designers who can take your ideas and turn them into an attractive, well-designed booth. This trade show is your chance to grab more customers, and you don't want to miss out.



27 April 2020

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