3 Ways To Use Digital Display Signage During A Pandemic At Your Place Of Business


Even though digital display signage is one of the most beneficial types of signage a business can have for marketing purposes, it is also a form of signage that is highly versatile. With the touch of a few buttons, you can quickly adjust the message and graphics being portrayed on the sign. During something like a pandemic, this kind of function from a sign can give you an amazing advantage as a business owner. Here are three ways to use these signs as a business owner during a pandemic to give customers the best impressions about your brand. 

Keep your customers informed about changes your business is facing

During a pandemic, businesses can face a lot of changes in how they operate. Some changes that may have to take place to protect the health and well-being of patrons include measures like: 

  • Closing the dining room as a restaurant owner 
  • Limiting the number of people allowed in the store at one time as a retail store owner 
  • Opening earlier for senior citizens 
  • Changing the hours of operation 
  • Making changes inside for social distancing measures 

When these changes take place because of government mandates, it is helpful if you do your part to keep customers informed. Your digital signs can just as effectively be used for this purpose as they can be used to market your latest special sale or something else. 

Use your digital signage to send encouraging messages to the community

A pandemic can be an incredibly troubling situation. During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, many people lost their jobs or were forced to isolate themselves from others as much as possible. To help calm onlookers, it is always nice to add a bit of encouragement on your business's digital signage. For example, just a gentle message that everyone is in the fight to stay well together can really be helpful for someone who is feeling all alone. 

Let people know about important information within the community

If something happens and your business is forced to close during the pandemic, you can still use your sign to do some good for the people in the area. For example, you can help pass along messages about important community events and happenings, such as the development of a drive-through testing service or the availability of food supplies at a local agency. Doing this during such a troubling time will only give a good impression to your customers that will stick around when your business is allowed to open back up. 


24 April 2020

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