6 Rules About Marketing During A Pandemic


Marketing has always been about creating relationships with consumers. You want them to connect with your product so that they trust it and want to buy it. All the rules that you normally follow to accomplish that goal are thrown right out the window during a pandemic, however. Here a few guidelines to help you through this difficult time.

1. It's Not About You: Marketing, especially digital marketing, has never been about you. During a pandemic, however, it really can't be about your product, either. No one wants your sales pitch. You are just going to turn people off. Focus on helping. 

2. Skip Traditional Marketing: If you typically use print media or direct mail to connect with customers, don't. When people are worried about spreading germs, they do not want to touch a print catalog or a 6x9 postcard for fear of germs. Save that campaign for another time.

3. Build Your SEO: Take this slow time to build up your website's SEO and improve your website's UX (user experience). Have your IT team move things around to better your customer's experience when visiting your site, and add useful content to your blog. 

4. Use Social Media: Take the opportunity to connect with people digitally through your social media channels. If you don't have any, there is no better time than the present to start. Again, this is not the time to sell but rather a time to help. For example, a furniture store would be much better served by sharing information on how to re-organize a home library using the Dewey decimal system rather than boasting of a sale on bookcases. No one is going to run out and buy bookcases right now, but a bored, self-quarantined individual would love help re-organizing their books. 

5. Try Chat Bots: When you choose to talk live to an online customer service representative, chances are high that your first interaction may be with a robot. Those robots, or chat bots, can be useful for small businesses, however. With creative, short-form copywriting, the text that the chat bots use can draw new customers in. 

6. Hire a Digital Marketing Agency: All the marketing changes that you need to make during a pandemic may be overwhelming to you. Plus, you probably have many other areas to shore up during this stressful time, both professionally and personally. Consider hiring a digital marketing agency to handle your marketing. They understand social media, chat bots, and everything digital that you should be doing. 

The time to pivot your marketing strategy is now, and with a little luck and a great digital marketing agency, you will not only survive but thrive. 

To learn more, contact a digital marketing agency.


6 April 2020

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