Design Ideas For A Dog Walking Service's Door Hanger Advertising


If you've recently launched a dog walking service, one of the best ways to develop a client base is to make local residents aware of your business. You can achieve this goal through a variety of methods, including distributing door hanger advertising, and your first step will be to find a printing company that can produce a custom door hanger for your dog walking service. There are several different design ideas that you should consider discussing with the company so that its graphic designer can produce a door hanger that catches residents' attention. In addition to the expected details, such as your website, phone number, and some information about yourself, below are some design ideas that this type of advertisement should include.

A Dog-Centric Shape

A lot of companies use door hanger advertising to reach out to prospective customers, so you'll want your product to stand out. You'll find that lots of door hangers are rectangular, so one way that your door hanger can differentiate itself is by being a unique shape. Talk to your sign printing company about the different shapes that it can make for you. One option is to have a cartoonish bone shape, as many people associate this shape with dogs. Another option is a dog shape, or even a fire hydrant shape.

Identify A Common Problem

The unique shape of your door hanger advertisement should capture attention, but it's also advantageous to identify a problem that people who own dogs likely have. For example, you might write, "Do You Never Have Time To Walk Your Dog?" Such a question is simple, but it can get people thinking. For example, someone who sees this question will often answer it in his or her head. If the answer is "yes," the person may be compelled to continue looking at your ad.

List Of Services

You want the door hanger advertisement for your dog walking service to be as informative as possible. It's a mistake to simply direct people to your website or ask them to call you, as either approach requires time and effort that people may not be willing to give. Instead, use this opportunity to fully list all of the services that you provide. For example, this list could include solo walks, walks with other dogs, dog park visits, and more. You should also provide pricing for each service to further add value for your prospective customers.


19 March 2020

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